News 2015:

All 3700 shipnames are now moved over to that is where all new photo updates are coming. This site will stay as it is now for research, hope to see you on



21/01-2015: 993 ships to go before new photo update :o)

09/01-2015: 1933 ships moved, 1777 to go :o)

04/01-2015: 1451 ships moved to new website, 2259 to go, no new photos before all ships are moved over, hope you can wait :o)


NEWS 2014:

30/12-2014: Happy New Year to you all.  Progress moving ships to new website, 1032 out of 3710 :o)

06/12-2014: Moving photos :o)

21/09-2014: Please visit to see new photos and see how the new website looks like, please feel free to send me feedback about the new site:

17/08-2014: 46 ships, 55 new photos, enjoy :o)

03/07-2014: 42 ships ,50 new photos from Fredericia, Frederikshavn,Skagen, have a nice summer :o)

27/04-2014: 7 New Photos.

18/04-2014: 50 New photos from Port Of Hamburg - Fredericia - Esbjerg - River Elbe - Vejle........... Enjoy :o)

02/03-2014: 8 New photos.

17/02-2014: 30 new photos enjoy :o)

22/01-2014: New Photos Coming Up :o)



NEWS 2013:


29/12-2013: 20 new photos and happy new year to all visitors, see you in 2014 :o)

22/12-2013: wish all visitors merry christmas and happy new year,one more new photo update coming before 2014 :o)

23/11-2013: 42 New photo from around Denmark, enjoy :o)

21/11-2013: Next Photo update to come 23/11-2013

06/10-2013: 25 new photos from the visit on Majestic Mærsk in Copenhagen 23/09-2013, and 33 new photos from my visin on the old coaster Faxborg 29/09-2013, please enjoy :o)

25/08-2013:  33 new photos, and also the biggest container vessel in the world, Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller, please enjoy :o)

04/08-2013: 14 New Photo.

08/07-2013: 30 New photo, happy holiday to all :o)

28/06-2013: New photos coming up soon, have a nice summer :o)

31/05-2013: 24 New photos.

06/05-2013: 14 New photos, 40 more to come soon,, enjoy :o)

27/04-2013: New photos coming up soon.

07/04-2013: 6 New photos.

02/04-2013: Photos of the Bulk Carrier CSK GLORY under tow and in Port Of Fredericia

28/03-2013: 14 New / updated ships, more to come, Happy Easter to all :o)

25/03-2013: New link to the great ship photo website Ships of the Mersey By Alan Faulkner, and new photos coming up on jtashipphoto very soon.

09/03-2013: 31 new photos, Enjoy :o)

14/02-2013: 17 Ships / 27 new photos.

30/01-2013: 18 New photo, more to come :o)

25/01-2013: New photos coming up in a few days.

02/01-2013: 10 ships updated, 19 new photos Happy new year :o)






NEWS 2012:

14/12-2012: 14 New photos :o) Special photo of the new vessel for Esvagt in Fredericia.

09/12-2012: 20 new photos. 500 more to go :o)

02/12-2012: New photos coming up 09/12-2012.

18/10-2012: 62 New photos and ships update, enjoy :o)

09/09-2012:  Photos from the visit on Bulk Carrier AG Vartholomeos build by Burmeister & Wain Copenhagen Denmark.

24/08-2012: 30 New photo. More to come.

14/07-2012: 15 New photo.

11/07-2012: 7 New Photo.

22/06-2012: New photos underway from Fredericia and Esbjerg soon :o)

05/05-2012: 37 New photos in sun, rain and other, enjoy :o)

22/04-2012: New photos underway, from Fredericia and Rotterdam.

17/03-2012: 9 New photos.

11/03-2012: 11 New photos, my link page is updated, if your link is missing or you would like a link, please feel free to send me mail.

06/03-2012: New photos coming up this weekend :o)

09/02-2012: 7 new photos, special Eco tug Svitzer Gaia visit Fredericia first time, much more to come soon.

29/01-2012: 23 new photo from Fredericia and Rotterdam and more to come, updates come when time is for it.



NEWS 2011:

18/12-2011: 28 New photos from Fredericia and Rotterdam, more coming up soon.

10/12-2011: New photo is coming up week 50, Merry christmas and happy new year to all :o)

07/11-2011: 45 New photos from Esbjerg and Rotterdam Tour 07, next to come is Rotterdam Tour 11 and more from Fredericia, enjoy :o)

23/10-2011: 77 new photos from RDT 07 and Fredericia, and worlds biggest dredger Vox Maxima, more coming up :o)

17/10-2011: 100 new photos is coming up soon, Fredericia and Rotterdam Tour 2007.

04/10-2011: 12 New photos :o)

18/09-2011: Layout test Amanda, more new photos coming up.

11/09-2011: 15 New photos.

13/08-2011: 39 New photos from Rotterdam and Fredericia.

07/08-2011: 16 New photos from Rotterdam and Fredericia.

26/07-2011: 7 New photos from Fredericia, and more to come.

25/07-2011: 10 New photos from Fredericia.

18/07-2011: New photos is underway from the Rotterdam Tour 2011, and Fredericia.

29/06-2011: Photos from the visit of Deutschland in Fredericia.

22/06-2011: 14 New photos and more to come.

19/06-2011: 6 New photos, much more to come the next days.

09/06-2011: New photos coming up in week 24, photos from Fredericia Tall Ships :o)

22/05-2011: 28 New Photos.

08/05-2011: 21 New photos.

26/04-2011: 58 New photos from Fredericia and NOK, Frederikshavn enjoy, more new from Greatbelt is coming up.

11/04-2011: 50 new photos coming up soon :o)

08/03-2011: 10 New Photos.

06/03-2011: 31 New "old" photos from Rotterdam Tour 2007. (better late then never, and more to come)

04/03-2011: 28 New photo, more new underway.

28/02-2011: 18 New photo more to come :o)

27/02-2011: 22 New photos, much more to come the next days enjoy.

23/02-2011: 100 new photos coming up soon :o)





NEWS 2010:

27/12-2010: 22 new photos.

26/12-2010: 10 New photos.

18/12-2010:  JTASHIPPHOTO.DK Wish you all merry christmas and happy new year, photo update to come next week.

24/11-2010: 50 New photo and 3 new visit on ships :o)

31/10-2010: 42 New photos.

24/10-2010: New photo coming up 31/10-2010 :o)

26/09-2010: 19 New photos.

05/09-2010: 33 New photos.

14/08-2010: 37 New photos.

27/07-2010: 26 New photo.

26/06-2010: 53 new photos.

23/05-2010: 39 new photos, new drawings of ships, and Aagaard´s Corner is open :o)

09/04-2010: 46 new photo more to come soon.

28/03-2010: Photo update coming up :o)

24/02-2010: 35 new photo from Fredericia and Frederikshavn :o)

25/01-2010: 24 new photo.

20/01-2010: New photos coming up :o)



News 2009:

20/12-2009: 9 New photo. Merry christmas and happy new year to you all.

29/11-2009: 61 New photo from Fredericia and the naming ceremoni of Aquaprincess.

03/11-2009: 1 New tanker, and 22 new photos of the newbuilding Capesize Bulker AQUAPRINCESS in Port of Fredericia.

02/11-2009: 8 New photo.

28/10-2009: 19 New photos.

13/10-2009: 3 New photo.

08/10-2009: 6 New photo.

03/10-2009: 4 New photo.

29/09-2009: 9 New photo.

24/09-2009: After long break here on my website caused by work, there is 69 new photos from Port of Fredericia and Kalundborg, please enjoy :o)

09/08-2009: New photos from Port Of Fredericia.

19/07-2009: New photos and also from my visit on D/S Børøysund and Tug Susanne Saj.

12/07-2009: new photos and my visit on BØRØYSUND and Susanne Saj coming up.

28/06-2009: New email, all emails must be send to this from today.  jtashipphoto@  "(REMOVE)"

16/06-2009: 96 New photos, and also many from my visit onboard Bulkcarrier Hamburg Pearl, Wood Chips Carrier Pro Grace and Container vessel Mathilde Maersk. ENJOY :o)

07/06-2009: New photos, and photos from tug Svitzer Mjølner in action. More new photos coming up the next days and more visit on ships to come (Container vessel Mathilde Mærsk - Woodchips carrier Pro Grace - Bulkcarrier  Hamburg Pearl).

24/05-2009: 62 new photos and new links.

17/05-2009: New photos and photos from my visit onboard the dredger Navo and General cargo vessel Karma.

14/05-2009: All Special vessels, Tallships & Steamship and Tugs & Offshore vessels with data now. After 6 months of hard work behind the screen there is only very small things missing, there will come a new link site, and a new night photo site. Thanks to you all for don´t stop visiting the website in the long time with out new photos. From now on it only goes one way, and that is the NEW PHOTO WAY. Hope to see all visitors coming again and enjoy all the new photos coming up.

 Best regards Jesper T Andersen

02/05-2009: All Reefers - Ro/Ro Vessels and Tankers updated with data, the last data update to come is Special Vessels - Tugs & Offshore Vessels and Tall & Steam Ships. After that there will come new photos.

22/04-2009: All Ferry & Cruise Liners - Fishery Vessels and General Cargo Vessels updated. Next to come is Reefers and Ro/Ro.

03/04-2009: All Coaster - Obo - Container vessels updated.

25/03-2009: New photo from Fredericia and also photos from my visit on Ro/Ro vessel Maestro Sun.All Bulkers Updated. Next to come is Coasters and OBO vessels.

15/03-2009: All Navy vessels are updated and also some new photos. I will update one category of the time to get all ship data up to date and be sure that all photos is there. There are many bugs around the website and it will take some time to repair, but work in progress.Next Category im working on is Bulkcarrier.

11/03-2009: 180 New photos of ships from Port of Fredericia is coming up, there are some small problems around the website but it will be fixt as soon as possible, and if you find eny thing please email me.

22/02-2009: The HARD work building all my photo archiv up to date is still in progress, forgot when i started that it was 6 years of work i had to do with, pleace be paitent im working hard to be finish, and there are more then 500 new photos waiting to come on the website. Sorry for the long waiting time.

04/02-2009: After the feedback from you, i found out that my new designs was not the best for you. Therefor i put it all back to how it was by request. Photo update coming soon. Back to normal and thanks for all the great feedback :o)




NEWS 2008

18/12-2008: Merry Christmas And Happy New Year to your all. New website is in progress and will be ready in January.

16/11-2008: Photos from my visit onboard Poul Løwenørn and new link. I will start building a new website  to all my photos and make it more easy to find what your looking for, and also for my self, whit more then 3000 photos in here i need a new way to get the overwiev. The site will work undtil the new one is running but there will not be eny updates the next few weeks. You can still contact me like normal and if i get eny special photos it will come on here, and there will also come news about the work of the new site in here. The timeline (ETA) of the new website is week 1 2009.

Best regards the webmaster: Jesper T Andersen


14/11-2008: New photos coming up.

19/10-2008: 19 new photo.

12/10-2008: In memory of my great bulkcarrier Fedra ex Marine Ranger, there is one new photo, there will come a new site about her life and photo from the grounding around Europa Point Gibraltar here, and also fresh new photo from Port of Fredercia 19/10-2008. 

24/9-2008: 5 new photo. The website will be under maintenance the next month, some bugs can maybe be found, please email me if you find eny. :o)

20/09-2008: New photo coming up 24/09-2008.

06/09-2008: 11 New photo, 29 more to come in a few days :o)

24/08-2008: Next update is 06/09 due to work sorry.  :o(

03/08-2008: 50 new photos from Port of Fredericia.

25/07-2008: Now there are only one photo of Emma Maersk on this site, due to abuse of my copyright the photos has been removed, im very sorry about this, if you have eny request about Emma Maersk photo please contact me.

13/07-2008: 19 New photo from Fredericia.

29/06-2008: 20 New photo from Fredericia, there will come 2 updates monthly from today.

22/06-2008: The photo update is moved to 28-29/06. Sorry

15/06-2008: Next photo update to come 22/06-2008.

08/06-2008: New photos from my visit onboard the Woodchips Carrier DIXIEMAIDEN and Product/Chemical Tanker FUREVIK and Bulkcarrier PU TUO HAI i Fredericia, and more new photos to come in week 24. Enjoy :o)

18/05-2008: 30 New photo from Fredericia and photos of Marchen Maersk leave Odense Steel Shipyard Lindo.

14/05-2008: Coming up 17/05-2008, 30 new photo, and photos of Marchen Maersk leaving Odense Steelshipyard Lindo :o)

19/04-2008: 70 new photos from Fredericia, there is no quick link to the photos eny more under photo update, but all new photos still listet there,  you will need to go in to the photo gallery to find the new photos under there category. Sorry for the trouble but it is necessary at this moment.

17/04-2008: 7o new photos coming up on sunday.

30/03-2008: 10 New photo from Fredericia, 30 new coming up next week.

16/03-2008: 8 New photo from Fredericia.

09/03-2008: 18 new photo from Fredericia.

06/03-2008: New photo, and special photos from Tor Corona maiden call here in Fredericia, and SORRY to you all about the long update time, there has been to much work, will try to do my best and return to update once every week like i used to do, hope you still enjoy the site.More photos to come this weekend.  Best regards Jesper

10/02-2008: 43 New photos from Fredericia and Rotterdam Tour part 2.

13/01-2008: 36 New photo from Fredericia and from Rotterdam tour 2007.






26/12-2007: New photo from Fredericia and from my visit on MIRANDA and SEA RUNNER, more to come :o)

19/12-2007: Merry Christmas to you all, next update 26/12-2007.

02/12-2007: 18 New photo. More new to come and also from my visit onboard SEA RUNNER.

18/11-2007: 19 New photo, more to come the next days.

11/11-2007: 23 New photo.

21/10-2007: 34 New photo, more to come.

16/10-2007: New photo coming up.

07/10-2007: 19 New photos and link,, much more to come !!! :o)

24/09-2007: Baltiyskiy-109 grounded North of Strib.

16/09-2007: Work work work,,, sorry no update before week 40, hope you all can wait :o)

02/09-2007: Photos from my visit onboard Woodchips Carrier CRIMSON MERCURY and General Cargo Vessel SEA BOX.

25/08-2007: Back from Photo Tour 2007 in Port Of Rotterdam, New photos from the tour and here from Fredericia coming soon :o)

16/08-2007: 33 New photo and new links.

02/08-2007: 8 New photo, more to come.

29/07-2007: 6  New photo and much more to come in week 31.

15/07-2007: 21 new photo.

05/07-2007: 11 new photo from Port Of Fredericia.

01/07-2007: 14 New Tanker photos, more to come the next days. :o)

26/06-2007: Photos from my visit onboard the Tanker ELSE MARIE THERESA, much more new photos from Port Of Fredericia to come this weekend.

19/06-2006: Because of work next update will first be 26/06-2007. 

05/06-2007: 11 New photo and 2 new link.

27/05-2007: New photos from Fredericia and Aabenraa, and also  photos from my visit on the Woodchips Carrier GRANDIOSA.

17/05-2007: 5 New photo, and updates every week again. Enjoy :o)

13/05-2007: 7O New photos and a visit onboard the Coaster Lone Baand. 

07/05-2007: Photo update this week, more then 60 new photos, and from my visit on the fine old vessel Lone Baand. :o)

14/04-2007: 32 New photos and 3 new links.

12/04-2007: Photos from my visit onboard the container vessel NAJA ARCTICA, more photos from Fredericia Saturday.

09/04-2007: New photos is underway, special photos from my visit onboard the arctic container vessel Naja Arctica.

18/03-2007: 38 New photo from Fredericia and Evelyn Mærsk.

16/03-2007: Photo update 18/03 whit some great photos of Evelyn Mærsk.

13/03-2007: New photo update underway .Evelyn Mærsk will leave Odense Steelshipyard Lindo 16/03. 

20/02-2007: 24 New photo.One new link.

28/01-2006: 31 new photo, and 9 new guestphoto from Rasmus Christoffersen, and 3 new links.

21/01-2007: Photo update underway, New links - new guestphoto - and some nice photos from Fredericia.

07/01-2007: HAPPY NEW YEAR, 23 new photos.




26/12-2006: 32 new photo. One new link.

22/12-2006: Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year To All Visitors.. And new photo update again 26/12-2006

11/12-2006: Today  JTASHIPPHOTO.DK got visitor No. 100.000 .. THANKS TO ALL VISITORS, Best regards The Webmaster.

26/11-2006: New Photo and new guestphotographer Rasmus Christoffersen.

10/11-2006: 66 New photos.

30/10-2006: Sorry still working, but getting new photos and there will come big updates very soon, regards webmaster..

13/10-2006: The last photo from the Holland Tour, and the next photos to come is from the last 5 weeks on Port Of Fredericia.

01/10-2006: Shipphoto tour 2006 part No. 3. 49 new photos and the last to come soon. Sorry the long update time but working to much at the time and don`t get all the time to make the updates, but i do it the best i can. Also waiting a new camera becused the new one i got 6 weeks ago is not good, as you can see on my recent photos updates. I have more then 100 new photos waiting getting on this site, Just to let you now. Best regards Jesper T Andersen.

17/09-2006: Shipphoto tour 2006 part No.2. 28 new photos, and more to come.

10/09-2006: Shipphoto tour 2006 part No. 1. 62 new photos, more to come.

05/09-2006: New tanker photos from Port Of Fredericia, working hard to finish the phototour 2006, more to come the next days.

30/08-2006: Photos from my visit on the Bulkcarrier YUBA. Working on 186 new photos from the shipphoto tour in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and also  photos from Fredericia.

28/08-2006: New photo update underway from jtashipphoto tour 2006 and from Port of Fredericia.

20/08-2006: New photo of the worlds biggest container vessel EMMA MAERSK. From 21/08-25/08 jtashipphoto tour 2006 in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. See you all next week to a great photo update from the photo safari and also new photo from Port of Fredericia and a new visit on the bulkcarrier YUBA in Fredericia.

13/08-2006: 23 New photos and one new link. 

31/07-2006: 12 New photos from Fredericia Port. 

30/07-2006: 10 New photo from Fredericia Port.

25/07-2006: 8 new photo from Fredericia Port. 45 more to go :o)

23/07-2006: Today update about my visit on the General Cargo vessel DOROTHEA and Ro/Ro Vessel TOR PETUNIA. More photos from Fredericia port the next days.

21/07-2006: Big photo update Sunday 23/07-06 hope to see you :o)

02/07-2006: 24 new photo. One new link.

25/06-2006: 13 New photo more to come.

19/06.2006:  14 New photos. 

17/06-2006: New photo and 50 more the next days, new link.

11/06-2006: new photos underway at 17/06-2006 and also working on a new page only about Burmeister & Wain Build bulkcarriers so if you got enything (photos / history) please feel free to send me one mail about this shipyard.

16/05-2006: New photo from Fredericia Port.

14/05-2006: Photos from my visit on STEVNS ICEFLOWER, and 49 new photos from Fredericia port 16/05-2006.

07/05-2006: New big photo update under way whit new visit on a ship here in Fredericia on the tugboat STEVS ICEFLOWER and more great photos from Fredericia Port, see you soon :o)

14/04-2006: ULCC KING SIZE 15 hours photo update from Fredericia and port of Aarhus, new guest photo from Bill Green and Steen S Larsen and Christian Hansen and Christian Herrou, new Link.

08/04-2006:  got the Golden web award today.

New photo from Fredericia and Aarhus and more to come and new LINKS, sorry there is long time between the updates but working alot at the time.  Working also on new guestphoto.Next update is in week 15.

29/03-2006: Work  work work overtime new photo on the way :o)

15/03-2006: New photo from Fredericia and Aarhus port more to come.

04/03-2006: New Photo from Fredericia port and many more NEW to come.

22/02-2006: New photo from Fredericia port, and more new to come.

17/02-2006: New photo from Fredericia port

01/02-2006: New photo. There has been a small break in updates on this site becused of the website was moved over to another server, if you find eny errors please contact me.

10/01-2006: New photo from Fredericia port, from now on there will not be a special day for new updates but they will come from day to day as i got the time, happy new year to all.




26/12-2005: Merry Christmas to your all, new photo from Fredericia port.

18/12-2005: New photo from Fredericia Port and new visit on the Norwegian ferry JUPITER, more data to old photo from Steen S Larsen.

12/12-2005:Late update sorry,, next time i kill my computer BUT  New photo from Fredericia port, working on more old photos from Fredericia port and my visit on the Fjordline ferry Jupiter to come 18/12-2005.

04/12-2005: New photo from Fredericia port.

27/11-2005: New photo from Fredericia port and 2 new guestphotographers Christian Herrou from France whit his BULKER`S CORNER and Bill Green From Scotland, and also new photo from Wiebe Posthuma from Netherland.

20/11-2005: No photos today but i am working on a big update, many new guestphoto and data on all photos, no updates before sunday 27/11-2005.

13/11-2005: New photo from Fredericia port and new guestphoto from Christian Hansen and Steen S Larsen, new visit on a ship and new photos under (old photos from Fredericia port) .

09/11-2005: New photo.

06/11-2005: New photo and more to come in a few days, and thanks to all visitors for 50.000 visit on

30/10-2005: New photo from my shipphoto tour and from Fredericia port.

24/10-2005: My ftp server was down Sunday but NOW New photo from Fredericia port and my shipphoto tour 2005.

16/10-2005: New photo from my shipphoto tour 2005 from Holland and Germany and more photos to come,also new photo from Fredericia port.

09/10-2005: New photo. In week 41 i am going on shipphoto tour 2005 in Holland,and Germany.

02/10-2005: New photo and new guestphotographers,new guestphoto page,Old photo from Fredericia port enjoy it.

25/09-2005: New photo.

 Until my next update i will make a new guestphotosite  whit many new photos on, and i will make a site called( Old Ship Photo from Fredericia Port before 1994)So if you got old shipphoto from my port you want to share,and also history about it i will be happy to put it on my site.

19/09-2005: New photo and one new link,sorry for my late update problems to my uploading program.

13/09-2005: New photo.

11/09-2005: 12 new photo today and 12 new  13/09-2005.

04/09-2005: New photo.

28/08-2005: New photo.

20/08-2005: New photo.

14/08-2005: New night photo gallery 4 and one new link.

0708-2005: New photo and new guestphotographer Steen S Larsen. Also new photo from Christian Hansen and last, also new night photo.

30/07-2005: New photo and some great shots from my Svalbard Tour 2005, and new link.

25/06-2005: New photo and new guestphoto from Linus Andersson Sweden, and this is the last update before i travel to Svalbard Norway for working . New updates will be on 30/07-2005. Happy holiday to your all.

19/06-2005: New photo and new photo size 1024x768.

12/06-2005: New photo and one new link.

04/06-2005: New photos , new link site, new photo by Christian Hansen, and new guestphotographer Jens Justesen Denmark. Night photo tomorrow sunday. Enjoy it.

01/06-2005: One new photo .On saturday 4th june i will make a big update whit many photos and new guestphoto and nightphoto,new link site, hope to see you : o )

15/05-2005: New photo.

10/05-2005: New photo.

01/05-2005: New Photo and one new link

30/04-2005: More clean frontpage and photo update tomorrow 01/05-2005

24/04-2005: New photo from webmaster and Christian Hansen and Claus E Jakobsen.

17/04-2005: New photo and link.

10/04-2005: New photo and link.

27/03-2005: New photo.

26/03-2005: Sorry no update before tommorow 27/03-05 becused of technical failure under Tankers and General Cargo ships, I will try to work it out.

19/03-2005: New photo.

05/03-2005: New photo and new guestphotographer Vasily Matveev from Russia.

26/02-2005: New photo.

20/02-2005: New photo and one new link.

13/02-2005: Sorry for my late update becused of server problems, new photo and my visit on the new tugboat SVITZER MARKEN.

29/01-2005: New photo and one new link.

25/01-2005: Correction to the photos of  RED GRATIAS as DEO GRATIAS and OCEAN EXPLORER is ex POLAR SIGLIR sorry.

22/01-2005: New photo  and one new link.

15/01-2005: New photo.

08/01-2005: New photo and Links.

27/12-2004: New photo and new guestphoto and data to photos from Benny Olsen.

19/12.2004: New photo and new design. Merry christmas and a happy new year to all viewers and contributors.

12/12-2004: New photo.

04/12-2004: New photo and guestphoto.

27/11-2004: New photo and new guestphoto.

20/11-2004: New photo and new guestphoto.

14/11-2004: New photo.

07/11-2004: New photo.

06/11-2004: Photo update Sunday 07/11.

30/10-2004: On the road again,but all my emails is gone for ever.But all my photos is back. NEW PHOTO UPDATE AND GUESTPHOTO is now available.

26/10-2004: Sorry but no update before saturday maybe!!! My computer has been down for one week now. I work to get it on the road again. I have lost all the mail from all of you,and must make recovery of all data . Hope it will be on normal again soon. Webmaster Jesper T Andersen.

16/10-2004: NEW PHOTO

09/10-2004: New design and photo update.